Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fashion and Gardens

Last week I ventured over to Lambeth to visit the Fashion & Gardens exhibition at The Garden Museum. 

I'd heard a little about this new exhibition via the Vogue website and I'm so glad I made the trek over there. The museum itself is a disused church and is right next to Lambeth Palace, across the river from Westminster. It's a beautiful building with a small garden outside and hundreds of dried flowers hanging down from the ceiling. There is a permanent exhibition about the history of gardening as well as a lovely cafe and shop but of course the real reason for going was the fashion!

Curated by Nicola Shulman (sister of Vogue editor Alexandra to you and I) the exhibition comprised of just one room but was beautifully done. As flowers and clothes so commonly go together it could have easily been quite a predictable collection but the whole project was done in such a fascinating way.

Beginning with pieces as early as the 1500s, there were tapestries, embroidered gloves and botanical illustrations, all showing the way gardening has influence clothes. The regimented layouts of 18th century gardens inspired intricate borders on sleeves and cuffs and the invention of the colour wheel and new dye colours such as indigo allowed for a whole new array of beautifully coloured fabrics.

The exhibition also covered the more recent trends for garden-inspired garments including outfits by Vivienne Westwood (coupled with some gorgeous shoes) and an other-worldy anemone shaped dress by Alexander McQueen. Below are some (very poor quality) phone snaps I managed to take on the day, but I'd really recommend heading over there yourself if you get the chance. There is also a limited book of the exhibition which is lovely accompaniment. 

Have a great weekend! Xx


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